November 1st, 2010

Bits 'N Stuff...

I have to admit I am disappointed that Julie wouldn't wear the Boots costume. It turned out really nicely.

Since I didn't make a cake for my birthday, (ran out of time) I decided to make it this weekend. I made carrot cake from the Duncan Hines mix, augmented with coconut and pecans and substituting mashed banana for the oil. Roper, my ex-chemist, made the coconut pecan frosting. Katie helped me frost the cake. When I can get her to actually pay attention to what I am showing her she does learn.
When all was said and done we decided that we had already had too much sugar and will save the cake for tomorrow.

Julie discovered Almond Joys and thinks she is addicted. I know I let her have waaaaayyyy too much candy, but it's only once a year. She ran around like a gommog and finally fell asleep on the livingroom floor, stark naked, sucking her thumb and clutching her blankie.
Cute is a survival trait.

We had, at best, 25 trick-or-treaters. Sigh.
I am tired.
I think I'll call it a day.


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