October 25th, 2010

It's Good To Go...

I had a wonderful time at OVFF. I stayed up late. I chatted with seldom seen friends. I heard great music. I even sang a little.
I had about 14 hrs of one-on-one time with my wonderful husband. (In the car.)

I was doing pretty well not missing my girls until the dead dog and TJ sang "Lullaby". I sing that to Julie every night. I cried.

Oh, and the cranky contact lens plaguing me on Sunday had a small tear. I have replaced it.

But it was a wonderful weekend.

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And It's Good To Come Home...

We are home. The girls were happy to see us and tell us all about their weekend.
Jeff and Carol are in their own bed in their own local home. They are exhausted, but tell me they had a good time too.
Julie got into all the Amazon boxes that came over the weekend and katie has her birthday present and Julie has one of her Christmas presents. Sigh!

I had lots of things I had wanted to post, but they have slipped out of my mind. I think I'll unpack and go to bed.

'Night, All.

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