October 17th, 2010


I Am Sooooooo Out of Practice...

Dodeka is going to release a stripped down remix of The Grim Roper. Roper has decided he wants to do a photographic cover.
I can make a grim reaper robe. Sure I can.
It's the right time of year. Lots of black fabric around 'cause of Halloween. I found some lovely microsuede on major sale and bought six yards. All I had to do was make a basic Tee tunic and put a hood on it.
Yeah, right.
A few miscalculations later I had to put in a couple of gussets in the armpits. Not a big deal. Except I couldn't find a seam ripper. Anywhere. I put a lot of my tools away so little girls couldn't hurt themselves or anybody else with them. And now that I need one of them?...
And I am getting too old to be sewing black fabric with black thread, even with my strongest reading glasses.

And when I finally had him put it on, well, the fabric looks dark blue, not black.

It will photograph just the way we want it.

But it shouldn't have taken me this long.

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