October 11th, 2010


Bed Time Boot Camp...

billroper mentioned that tonight was Bed Time Boot Camp Day 1. We started at 10:pm with me doing the usual bottle and cuddle with Julie and Daddy doing pajamas and story time with katie.
Now usually Julie zonks after about 10 minutes and three lullabies. Tonight she was, well, restless. She interrupted me several times to show me that she knew the words, too. She didn't always have them in the right order, but she does know big chunks of them. (It does, however, crack me up when "look away, look away, lullay lully" comes out "go 'way, go 'way, yadee, yadee".)

Katie had her story and Daddy turned out the lights. Then the Jack-in-the-box started.
On the fifth or so pop-out daddy asked her if she would go to sleep if he sang her a song. She said yes and Daddy started playing "Cruising"

At this point Julie popped up and told me "I don't want to sleep, I want to dance."

The girls danced and were shoveled back into bed.
Julie did a pop-out and I did another session of snuggle and sing. This time she fell asleep.

It only took an hour twenty.
I keep telling myself, it will get better.

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