August 7th, 2010


Musecon is a wonderful concept and is going to grow up to be a lovely con.
This year however, I had a rather frustrating and disappointing time. This is NOT the fault of the con at all, just a by-product of being a parent of small children and rather disorganized to start with.

There were three workshops that I would have loved to have been part of. I managed to miss all three. One was a simple scheduling conflict. Nothing to be done for it.
The other two, (Mountain dulcimer and blues harmonica,) I missed because I just couldn't get this train running on time.

I came home early because I had a couple of seriously over-wound little girls on my hands. You just can't have conversation when you are constantly interupting yourself with "Katie put that down!" and "Julie, get back in here!"

I'm tired and frustrated and sad. But I have hopes of getting my life back some day.

Right now, the girls are crashed out on the couch, and I had some dinner that didn't come from McDonalds.
I'll be OK, I just needed to vent.

And as for Musecon...
Plan to go next year.
Hope to see you there.