July 16th, 2010


An Expensive Week...

Last weekend the toilet in the downstairs bathroom began flushing ...um... slowly and inefficiently. It acted like it was partially clogged. Plunging did no good.
Monday Roper went to Home Depot and got a toilet auger. It did no good either.
Tuesday I called Roto Rooter. They had a man in the neighborhood on another call who came right over when he was through. He ended up having to take the toilet off to get at the problem. Somebody had dropped a pumice landscaping stone down the toilet and flushed. (It wasn't me.)

Yesterday the AC unit stopped cooling. We have been fighting a coolant leak for the last couple of years. A coolant recharge has lasted us all summer before. The coolant recharge we got in June lasted less than a month. Sigh!
Lenny, (our AC guy) suggested two separate units, one for each floor. It was a great idea, but turned out to be waaaaaayyy too expensive. So he's replacing the old unit with a comparable one to what we have now.

I'm glad it's Friday. I'm kind of afraid of what will go wrong next.

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