June 24th, 2010


On The One Hand...

My improv training makes it fairly easy for me to make up bedtime stories for Katie. On the other hand my poor memory for lines and the like makes it hard for me to tell the same story twice. Katie LIKES to hear the same story several nights running.

The good news is that she take great delight in correcting me.

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The Things That Cross Your Mind...

So tropical Storm Darby is bumping around in the Pacific right now. Roper mentioned it and wondered what Hurricane Pooh would be like. I posited that Pooh would be too gentle to be a hurricane, but Tigger would be a cat5.
And we both agreed that Eeyore would never make it past Tropical Depression.

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I need some kid-friendly knock knock jokes. The girls are driving me crazy with the one they know.
(Knock-Knock, Who's there? Sarah. Sarah who?
sarah reason you're not opening the door?)

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