June 13th, 2010


All in all I'm OK.
Sleeping was hard last night. I couldn't find a position where something wasn't hurting. I could shower al right, but needed help dressing. I let Roper drive when we went out to grab some lunch as I wasn't confident of the range of motion of my neck.

Most of the rest of the day was spent plunked on the couch fending off little girls that wanted to sit on me and watching The Super Duper Super Sleuths Movie three times.

My shoulder is much better this evening. The only place my right arm can't go at this point is behind my back. I snuggled Julie to sleep and managed to get her into her bunk without undue discomfort.

The only thing that is really a bother is my left knee, the one with the torn cartilage that frequently gives me trouble. It didn't hurt last night after the fall, but got prodressively more sore as the night wore on. When I got up it didn't want to bend with weight on it.
I wore my brace today, and was off it a good deal, and pumped aspirin. (Almost time for more...) I expect it will be Ok by Duckon.

Still feel kind of doofy, though.

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