June 11th, 2010


Getting Ready For A BUSY Weekend...

Duckon is in a week. I did some checking on their website, and if it to be believed, for once everything isn't, quite, happening all at the same time.

I expect to be heading out early with the girls to get a good parking space by the dealers' room. Child care is scheduled to open at One. As soon as I can drop the girls there I can go back down and start to unpack the van.
Roper hopes to get there by three and finish unpacking the table while I run upstairs to the filk suite to help out at the Dandelion Wine release party. This runs from 4 to 6. (Come up, have a nosh, buy a disk...)

After the party there is just time to grab the girls, run out to bring back food, feed said girls, feed above mentioned husband, drop the girls back in Child Care (have I mentioned how much I like Duckon's child care?) and get down to Talis's request concert.
Then Roper and I do a concert set at 10.
At 11 or so I collect the girls from CC and collapse in a heap.

The rest of the weekend will be a breeze.

I'm really looking forward to actually seeing folks at this con. So often lately I am so busy with the girls that I can't visit with anybody.

So, come by the table. let's chat.

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