June 8th, 2010


Finding The Right Bribe...

Katie is making distinct progress in the potty training thing.
She still needs a pull-up at night,(heck, half the time I sneak in and change her in her sleep before I go to bed,) but about half of her days are dry.
She's known the theory for quite some time. She can quote her potty training videos, and will occasionally lecture me about wiping, flushing and washing hands.
She is now tall enough to get up on the toilet by herself and has done so in public restrooms.
But some days she just hasn't bothered.

Her new interest in being dry like a big girl seems to be tied in to a t-ball game that we watched while we were at the park last week. The kids were all about Katie's age and she wanted to play. I told her she couldn't until she was out of pull-ups, and could go to the bathroom all by herself.

Oh, yeah, the Dora-the-Explorer panties seem to be helping, too.

It looks like I can sign her up for pre-school come fall.
And T-ball. : )

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