May 20th, 2010


Wouldn't It Be Cool...

I will start by saying I don't watch either show, but right now there is a sort-of-local guy in contention to win both American Idol and Dancing With The stars.
Lee De Wyze in from the next town over. Businesses all over Des Plaines and Mt. Prospect have signs reading "Vote 4 Lee" in the windows. He's in the top 2 on Idol. I can't say I've heard him sing, but it is cool to have a local get to this point.

And Evan Lysacek, from Naperville, is in the top three at Dancing. I have seen him dance and he looks pretty good to me. And, I have seen him skate and he is AWESOME.

Next week will be interesting around here.

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A Week Into The Experiment...

It has been a week that Julie has been sleeping in the upper bunk in Katie's room.

So Far Julie has gone off in the middle of the night 3 times.
Katie woke with a nightmare once, and woke up wet twice. They both woke up annoyingly early Sunday morning.
But, that leaves us with two full, undisturbed nights of sleep for Mom. I call that a win.

Now, onward with potty training!

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