April 3rd, 2010

Another Fine Spring Day...

It was a little cooler today than the past few, but we needed last night's rain, and the sun was out by early afternoon.
We did some shopping and picked up some paint chips for Katie's room. She wants a color on her walls, but keeps changing her mind as to exactly what color she wants. I'm partial to a pale sage green, Roper likes blue and Katie keeps bringing up purple. My room was lavender when I was six or so. I liked it a lot but it faded to grey fairly quickly. I know paints are better now, but...
All the sunshine, fresh air and running around tired the girls out pretty well. Julie fell asleep on the way back from getting ice cream, and Katie went to bed about 10:30 with very little complaint. (If there was NO complaint, I'd suspect a changeling.)
Daddy took the girls out for ice cream so I could assemble the lamb cake and get it in the oven. You see, Katie wanted to "help".
Despite my best efforts, the lamb cake seems to have turned out OK. Next year, I'm definitely going to pull out my mixmaster. There was too much fiddling with the hand mixer, what with scraping the sides and adding things and turning the bowl and what all.

Now I must go and frost the cake, sweep the floor, wipe up the counters and assemble baskets.

If you celebrate it, may you have a happy and holy Easter.
Otherwise may you have an enjoyable spring Sunday.

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