March 6th, 2010


The Weekend Continues...

Today was better. Nobody has thrown up... so far.
My digestion is still iffy, but not as demanding as the past few days have been.
Katie woke me up in good spirits asking for pancakes for breakfast. I talked her into scrambled eggs.
We went out to run some errands since it was far too nice a day to stay inside. As I approached the end of our street Katie carefully announced "S T O P, stop." She had read the Stop sign.
One of our destinations was Trader Joe's. We needed more Joe's Ohs, a staple of the girls' diet. To get there we had to pass Party City. Katie noticed this and demanded a balloon. They had been sick. They had behaved well at TJ's. So I figured why not?
We stopped on the way home and now Dora the Explorer and Elmo are bobbing around the ceiling.
By 4 pm I had run out of steam. I put Julie down for a nap. Despite her protests she fell asleep right off. Katie wouldn't nap, but did sit quietly playing games at
I went downstairs with the intent of straightening up the family room and kitchen. Instead I popped Fantasia 2000 into the player and zoned out to Classical music and pretty pictures.
The evening was crowned by wonderful news from a friend.

The girls are in bed. I'm headed that way myself shortly. I have lots to do but I think I need the sleep more than anything.

Good Night World, Sleep Tight.
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