November 26th, 2009


Giving Thanks...

I could give thanks for the usual stuff, sturdy house, loving friends and family, etc, (And I do, every day,) but there are other things.

I'm grateful for Dr. Ramana and his nurses. The girls have been blessedly healthy, but I'm happy to have kind, patient folks looking out for them.
I'm grateful for the folks at the pediatric urgent care in Dublin,OH who put 4 stitches in Katie's eyebrow on a Sunday afternoon in such a calm and matter of fact way that she was calm and matter of fact, too. (And for a good friend that came with and kept us all calm and matter of fact.)
I'm grateful for Dr. Weiss, who keeps an eye on me and said "Come back in six months."
I'm grateful I live in a country and culture that allows and encourages different views. And I'm grateful for the folks who express their views in a calm and respectful manner.

And now I must go and make Hawaiian Salad. And restring a car seat.

Oh, yeah, I'm grateful for all of you.
Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!
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