August 12th, 2009

Mommas, Don't Let Your babies Grow Up To Wear Dreadlocks...

Katie realllly hates having her hair washed. It's dreadfully tangled and flyaway. Even in summer humidity she looks like a dandelion when she goes down the slide in the park.

She let me wash it in the shower today, even put conditioner in it, but it i still a mess of tangles.

So is it ok, from a parenting point of view, to just clamp her between my knees and comb her hair, ignoring the screaming?

Will she grow out of this?

Anybody have any tips or tricks?

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Real Cub fans do NOT dump beer over an opposing outfielder making a grandslam-stealing catch, We may think about it, but we don't do it.
The guy who did so this evening was no fan, just a (probably) drunken jerk.

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