July 14th, 2009


Katie Was Very Brave...

Katie got her stitches out this afternoon. We picked Roper up from work so he could help with the girls. I had an appointment to get some blood drawn, then lunch and off to the pediatrician's office. Parking is tight around the office so I dropped Roper and Katie off in front of the building and went off to search for a space. By the time I got upstairs they were already in the exam room. Dr. R, our primary dr, doesn't take stitches out of kids younger than 5 so the procedure was done by Dr. G. She is very nice, gentle yet efficient. Daddy held Katie's hand and the nurse held Katie's head. We were back at the car in 20 minutes. We dropped daddy back off at work and headed home. Both girls fell asleep int the car.
At this point Julie is in her crib almost napping and Katie is tucked into mommy's bed watching Tigger and Pooh.
And I am going to excavate my closet.
All in all, a good day.

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