May 1st, 2009


Two & A Half Going On 15...

Katie spent the day swinging wildly between clingy and bratty. She wanted a bottle tonight, not milk, but formula. She wanted to make the bottle and was very unhappy when daddy took it from her to screw the cap on and shake it. She stomped up the stairs grumping all the way and tried to wheedle me into going to find her blanket (the badi) I was in the midst of changine a very poopy Julie diaper and flatly refused. I told her where the badi was and went back to my task, ignoring her. She found the badi, went into her room and closed the door. It wasn't, quite, a slam.
I went in to change her and she said quite clearly, "get out of my room." She agreed to the change, but would not out on pajamas.
She didn't request a kiss when I left.

We are sooo doomed.

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