April 26th, 2009


Mommy Time...

Julie is napping. This is a good thing as she is cutting two bicuspids at the same time. She was verrrrrry fussy yesterday. Today is better.

Katie has gone with Daddy to Lurvey's Garden Center to shop for a tree for the back yard. We have a pin oak, a sunset maple and a river birch. Daddy wants something that will spread a bit and produce shade.
Roper has just called to report he has ordered a redbud for the back yard and wants to get an oak or maple for the front yard to go between our bedroom window and the streetlight. I advised him to give the neighbors a call as it would be very close to the lot line. Otherwise, this strikes me as a fine idea.

I have a bit of quiet time. I just potted a piece of Christmas cactus that julie pulled off the main plant. I popped it in water on the off chance that it wasn't too damaged to root. It rooted fine, and is now settled on the dining room windowsill.

My knee is feeling much better due to applications of my kneebrace, aspirin, and judicious babying. (It's a good thing Julie is walking now. yesterday I couldn't have carried her far.)

Well, back to the potting soil. Since I have the time I want to re-pot a few more things.

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