November 27th, 2008

A Happy And Blessed Thanksgiving To You All...

It's a good day to take a look at life and contemplate the good things.

I have a loving husband, two healthy, bright and strong girls, a fuzzy cat, a strong house, an automatic washer and dryer, disposable diapers for the above girls.
My house is full of books, plants and musical instruments.
I have friends I can count on. And friends that feel they can count on me.
I have friends I wouldn't otherwise have met except for filk, fandom and the internet.
I have Google and Internet Movie Data Base.
Whole Foods carries unsulfited coconut so I can make Hawaiian salad for dinner today.
Pumpkim Pie works with a graham cracker crust.

For Family and Friends and Furry Companions,
For Technological Marvels, and The Simple Things,
For Pooh, and the Cubbies, and Little Girls that still take naps, and wake up smiling,
Oh, Lord, may I be Truly Thankful.


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