November 11th, 2008

A Toast To Those Who Served...

I had kind of spaced the fact that it was Veterans' Day. Until I took the girls to MacDonalds for lunch. The weather has been cold and wet lately so we hadn't gone to the park since Thursday. We went to the Mac's that has the playland so Katie could be a wild thing for a while. The place was full of kids running and yelling and having a fine time. Then I realized that there was no school today.

So, here's to all who served!

To Harry G. Duntemann who served in the Great War and captured a platoon of Germans singlehandedly by making enough noise that they thought they were outnumbered.
To Frank W. Duntemann who served in WWII and was the best dammed radio man in North Africa and who managed to sleep through the bombardment of Monte Casino.
To Bill Roper Sr. who never saw combat so he made up for it by staying in the Air Force for 20 years. He was a meteorologist who headed the Joint Typhoon Warning Center on Guam and did some top secret stuff for NORAD.

And may all those serving now come home safe and soon.

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