August 1st, 2008

Why Is That?

I have lived my entire life, except for 4 years at college, within a 10 mi radius circle centered on O'Hare Airport.
So why am I drawn to and touched by songs that express a longing for home from places far away?
Songs like that can bring me to tears for no reason I can isolate.
The latest one is "Mersey Lullaby" off the Blue Moo album by Sandra Boynton and Michael Ford. Yeah, a kids album. Most of it is silly, but this song is quiet and sweet and has made me cry every time I play the thing.
On the whole, the album is a hoot and the accompanying book is wonderfully silly as usual with Boynton's work.

Katie really likes the "Gorilla Song", but I keep going back to "Mersey Lullaby".

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