July 30th, 2008

The Deadline is Rapidly Approaching...

Have you submitted your Pegasus Award Nomination Ballot???

If not, GO DO SO.

Nominations close Thursday Night!

To my mind, nomination is even more important than voting.
The more diverse the nominations, the more interesting the nominations.

If we don't bother to nominate, we might as well just declare the Yankees Baseball Champions of the Universe for Life and quit bothering with the World Series each year.

Yeah, that's a metaphor, and an odd one, too,but I don't want to name names.

Now go nominate.
Even if it's the Yankees!

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So Roper and I are the GoHs at Concertino next June.
We want to bring things for the interfilk auction that are attractive, unique and exciting.

So, what would folks like to see?

I'm asking early so we have time to get things together.

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