July 16th, 2008

The Day So Far...

The painters have been here. The trim on the house is bright white again.
I called our Mieneke car care. They assured me that the dealership guy was giving me a song and dance as there was nothing wrong with my rear brakes when they looked at them in May.
I ordered the cake for Julie's Christening on Saturday. It's a small cake as were doing a small affair this time. Chocolate cake, Chocolate moose filling, Vanilla buttercream frosting. And Daffodils.
Katie had a close encounter with my lipstick. She is rather pink, but babywipes got it off of the phone, kitchen table and chair.
I have folded a load of baby laundry, put a load of underwear and tee shirts in the washer and have a load of Roper's polo shirts ready to go in.
Both girls are napping at the moment. When I finish this I'm going to do more work on Julie's Christening dress.

It feels good to accomplish things.

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Central Continental Bakery in Mt. Prospect is awesome.

I recommend the Mieneke Car Care Center on Elmhurst Rd. also in Mt. P. They do a good job and won't sell you repairs you don't need.