May 1st, 2008

Ok, Here's Where We Got The Name...

The feminine of William, a heretic that ought to be a saint, and a very good friend.

We were tossing names about and I suggested Billie, after her dad. Roper said it was too southern. I said that that left Whilhelmina. That, he said was too European, but if we were looking at Dutch royalty how 'bout Juliana? See, I had been pushing for Julian after Julian of Norwich. The Roman Church considers her a heretic as she preached that someday the Devil himself would be redeemed. I, on the other hand like this idea. What is the point of being God if you aren't all-merciful? Roper thought Julian wasn't feminine enough.
But Juliana was "Just Right".

And Leigh is after our adopted daughter, Erica.

See, no dead presidents.

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