February 20th, 2008

Cloony and the Moon(y)...

Roper won a free rental from Red Box at Wallgreens today. He picked Ocean's 13. We had seen the other two and enjoyed them.
This one was... um.. complicated. It was a little hard to follow.
Part of the problem with the whole series is that all those pretty white boys look alike.

Every so often we put the film on pause to check the progress of the eclipse. The moon was obliging enough to put on its show on the side of the house with windows. We could watch the whole eclipse from the heated comfort of our dining room. And for once I was grateful to the Arctic High that makes crystal clear skies.

Katie has a scooter thing that plays music and has a really annoying and loud horn. In order to be able to hear the film I took the batteries out of it and stuck them in my pocket.
My very smart little girl snuggled up next to me and, when she thought I wasn't paying attention, tried to pick said pocket.
After the film she tried to put the batteries back herself. I only had to help her a little.

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