February 18th, 2008


Cap went well. I received more positive comments from the dealers than complaints. Roper and I were run off our feet. I haven't counted the box yet so I don't know how business was. Poor catalana had to watch Katie more than she expected, for which I apologize. Erica is a real trooper and I'm very grateful that she is my friend and adopted daughter.

I must also mention Sandy and Steff, the lovely ladies of Bast's Garden. They have been my sleepover security in the dealers room for as long as I have been running it. I have calmed many a nervous dealer by telling them that sandy and Steff are the security in the room.

And the consuite staff, again, fed us all quite satisfactorialy. Thanks, Folks!

I am looking forward to the new space. It will be fun charting a new room.

"y'all come see un in our new home next year, ya'hear!

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