February 12th, 2008

Some days, your Kid makes you proud...

So Katie and I were at ToysRus. I'm not in the habit of shopping at ToysRus, but I was looking for something specific. As we wandered down the aisles of brightly colored child bait, Katie was pretty well behaved. She would occasionally squeal and point, but but mostly she was quiet.

Untill we got to a particular section. Then the squealing and pointing became yelling and grabbing. And finally crying and bouncing.
Which only stopped when I gave in and took a couple off the shelf and handed one to her.

Was it candy? Was it Disney Princesses? Was it Dora the Explorer?

No, it was books.

When we got to the checkout she reluctantly handed over the book to be scanned. I asked her if I could carry it so it wouldn't get snowed on. She vehemently shook her head. which impressed the clerk.
When we got to the car I threw the book in the front seat with my purse and buckled Katie into her car seat. As I was about to close her door she looked at me with a face that would break your heart and whispered "Book". I gave her the book back.

I find it only a little disconcerting that she says banana and book and still doesn't say mama.
Oh, well, It will come.

Yeah, she does me proud.

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