December 22nd, 2007

All in all, a lovely start to Christmas...

It's going to be a quiet Christmas as none of the siblings are in town this year.
But to start the holiday off we had some of our family- by-choice over for pie and eggnog. Bonnie and Sam, Bonnie's folks, Lois and Bill, Bonnie's sister and her partner, Jerry and dek9 and Eva.
Eva is a petite Great Dane. She is only 115 lbs. and 30" at the shoulder. She belongs to Holly and Kirsty, and is amazingly calm and well behaved. She politely asked if she could sit on the couch. Once given permission she stepped up and put her head on my knee.
The pies were experimental and I'd give them both a 75% success rating. The Pumpkin Pecan was good, but I need to adjust the spicing.
The apple had crust issues. I never have been very good with pie crust.

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