November 18th, 2007

A quiet Sunday Afternoon

Katie is napping.
Roper and Erica are in the basement laying down a few tracks.

I should go downstairs and do some more cleaning up from the party, but I figured I take a moment to reflect...

It was a great party. It was my family.
I don't have a lot of close genetic family left. Really, just my brother and a cousin in Green Bay. I have other cousins, but I was never vary close to them.
My parents are both gone. All my aunts and uncles as well.
But in the last few years my sister-in-law's family have pulled us in. And I have friends that I love more than I would have thought possible without genetics or sex.

I almost got teary at one point last evening, feeling all the love. Katie never has to worry about not having an extended family.

Thanks, guys.

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