November 2nd, 2007


Katie and I committed major commerce today at the Carter's store. They are having a major sale.
I got Katie sleepers with feet. Three in fleece and two in jersey. Due to an oddity in the ductwork her room tends to be cold. And she is an active enough sleeper that keeping her covers on is a pipe dream.

I think I have figured out a way to keep her feet covered during the day, as well.
You see, she has been a free-range baby all summer. Now that it is turning cold she is rebelling against the socks I am trying to put on her. She pulls them off at her first opportunity.

So for the next little while she is going to be a girly girl and dress in skirts and tights. This will balance out the absence of dresses in her wardrobe while she was in the crawling stage. It's hard to crawl in a skirt.

Now if I can just figure out the shoe thing...

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