October 29th, 2007

Some Sleep-deprived thoughts on OVFF

Perhaps I'm grumpy because I'm tired. I apologize.

The weekend seemed to fly by. There was so much going on, yet it was strangely unsatisfying.
Sales were good. Had some nice chats with folks.
(And a couple of very reassuring mom-talks. Thanks, ladies.)
And a couple of very pleasant meals.
I got my hair trimmed. I love France!
But Katie was having a difficult weekend due to cutting a tooth. I got to listen to very little music and sang even less.
A couple of people I had hoped to see weren't there.
There were no "Ah-ha!" moments. No new songs blew me away. I didn't have any of those serendipitous moments of connection that seem to happen at cons.

Oh, and, Folks, some decisions made at 20 should be revisited at 40.
Wearing your hair long can be a form of self expression, but not keeping it combed is just plain sloppy.

Must go, Katie is waking up.

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