November 20th, 2006

Katie's first night on site.

If last night was any indication, this won't be too awful, but I'll miss sleeping with Roper.

I gave Katie a bottle at about 10:30. She was done and zonked by 11. I put her in her bed and zonked, myself.
She woke me up fussing at 1:27 (I looked at the clock.) She took another oz and fell back asleep. I put her back to bed about 2:00 and went back to sleep. 2:44 (I looked at the clock) she started fussing again. This time she didn't want food, just cuddling. For the next couple of hours this was the pattern, hold her for 15 minutes or so, put her in her bed and lie down. 15 minutes later she'd fuss, I get up and cuddle her, etc. Finally, I snuggled into the easy chair with Katie on my chest. I drifted in and out and she zonked again. 6;30ish she woke up and did want the bottle. She zonked again and I put her in her bed. I went back to my bed, and as it was now officially morning, if she fussed again I was going to make Roper get up. She lasted until 9 or so and Roper did, indeed, get up when she fussed. So, all in all, I got about 5 hours of sleep. I can manage on that for the time being.

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