October 26th, 2006

In which Gretchen whines all over herself...

I did not have a sterling time at OVFF.
Now, there were moments that were wonderful. Spending time with Melissa and David. Watching Roper play Shai'Nuf for the ladies in the dealers' room. Having Cat faber sing her Judy Miller song for me as we were packing the table Sunday afternoon. (I had missed it when she played it on stage.) Having the jam sing "happy birthday" to me through the wall.

But compared to the con reports I have read here from a lot of people, it just didn't rate.
I was stuck in the dealer's room during the days, missing the concerts and workshops.
Some folks did come along to chat, but nature of the beast is that it's pretty quiet when there is a concert going on and gets impossibly busy in between.

And the quilt that I had made for the interfilk auction did not get the interest I had hoped for. Frankly, I've seen chocolate oranges go for more. I can only assume that that isn't the sort of thing that interests people and I will likely not try it again.

I didn't sing. Well, that's not true, I'm always singing. But I didn't sing in a circle. Things were just too late, too crowded, too... not welcoming.

So, I'm gonna ask.
How do you get to be one of the cool kids?
How do you learn to shine and sparkle?
How do you fall into those quirky, charming conversations in the hall way?
How do you be one of those people that other people want to hang with?
How do you get noticed in a good way?
How do you get to be Hot Filk du Jour?

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