September 14th, 2006

Back from the Vet.

Fuzz had his drain taken out this evening.
The emergency vet works nights so we dropped him off at 7ish and I picked him up just now. She restitched the whole incision so we're back to square one on the 14 days 'till the stitches are out. This means 14 days of the lamp shade.
Did we mention how much he hates the lampshade?

But I can tell he is feeling better. He really fought me about taking his pill. On the other hand he did go and eat some crunchies just now, so I think I'll go looking for those pill pockets tomorrow.
It's a shame he doesn't like liver sausage. When I was a kid we gave our crniverous pets their medication in liver sausage. Swallowed it whole, they did.

Every day is a new adventure.
I'm going to bed now.

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