July 10th, 2006

A bunch of small unrelated items...

1)It gets confusing when sometimes the enter key is "move to the next line" and sometimes it is "register this data".

2)I am soooo bad about birthdays and things. Many Happies, Cary and Greg!

3)Do we ever stop to think, when we are in a situation where we feel we are getting no respect, that it might be because we are giving no respect?

4)What should you do when somebody that you deal with on a fairly regular basis, co-worker, friend, family member, what have you, routinely uses an expression that you find annoying? It's not obscene. It's not hate speech, it's just sort of disrespectful. And it's not even directed at you, but a third party not in the conversation. Should you call them on it? or just suck it up and ignore it?

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