July 9th, 2006

He was Right and I was Wrong

I owe Roper a public apology. When he decided, some time in the middle of the week, that we really needed to do the house rearrangement this weekend I told him he was crazy. The we would never get enough people on such short notice and the attempt would be a disaster.

I was wrong.

We had just enough people with exactly the right skills to get this done. Any more people and we would have been tripping all over each other.
We had two guys with professional furniture-moving experience,(a ghodsend), and a couple of other strong backs who actually listened to directions. We had the organizational skills of a couple of moms and a control freak. We had an indefatigable 5 year old who was happy to run up and down the stairs fetching things.

Thanks, Guys. You were AWESOME!

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Another Project Down

I made curtains this week.
I wasn't planning to, but I was out shopping for something else entirely and found some fabric that was perfect. I couldn't wait to see them up. They are simple, two pocket-rod panels and a valance for each window. Two windows. All straight seams and some hemming. I thought I was done 'till I remembered two windows means four tie-backs not two. Luckily I had some material left over.
They are for the yellow bedroom, the one that, ghod-willing, will be the nursery. One pair is hanging, the other window has a rod issue. I'll tackle that tomorrow.

I feel very accomplished this weekend.

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