June 12th, 2006

On Convention Guests, Politics, and Economics

There is a discussion going on elsewhere about how guests are chosen for conventions. As a first-time conchair I'm currently very aware of all the factors that go into deciding who you do and do not choose as a guest.
So, there are these people that you might like to have as your guest. They are friendly, interesting, would contribute greatly to your con... BUT! They live overseas. Can't do it. Too expensive.

"No, it's not that expensive. I got a really good fare just a couple of months ago."
So I smile sadly and explain.

Yeah, maybe you can find a good fare. For one person who can be flexible in their departure times.
But. add it up. The "usual" for a major guest at a regional con is transportation and lodging for your guest and their SO. So the guests are a duo. So that's two guests and two SOs. Lots os Airfare. Two Rooms. Two per deiums.
"But they would be so thrilled to come you wouldn't have to offer all that."

But then you are not treating them the same as the other guests you may have at the convention. That's rude, tacky and could cause bad feeling.
Espicially if you don't know them well.
Lots easier to not even try.

Economics suck, but they are driving force behind most of the activity of the world.

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