May 6th, 2006

A Pleasant, Productive Day

Roper has already posted about the adventure of the bedroom shade. Otherwise it was a pleasant day of puttering around. I bought some annuals for for pots on the porch. I have had a kettle of moss roses on the front porch since we moved into this house and had a porch big enough to put a plant on. ANd it gets afternoon sun. I like the moss roses because they are multi-colored, bloom all summer and are succulents, so if I forget to water them for a few days they will survive.

Bonnie and Sam came over and joined us for dinner. They are considering replacing their mattress and wanted to try out our Sleep Number Bed. We have been very happy with ours. It nice for couples with dramatically different preferences in terms of mattress hardness.
They lay down, adjusted the pressure in either side of the bed and decided they liked it.

Sam said "Now go away for about half an hour."
I said "Roper, the flavor of the day at Culver's is Butter Brickle, Lets go."
Bonnie says, "Not now, I'm playing with the remote control."
Sam says. "Same old story."


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