April 27th, 2006

At last... A day off

A real day off with no place I have to be but home.
The tooth is tender to chew on (scrambled eggs for lunch) but I haven't taken any ibuprofen since 11pm last night.
I slept late.
Am in the middle of three loads of laundry.
Have transferred the contents of my old sewing machine cabinet into the new one.
(Anybody out there need a cabinet for a sewing machine? It's 50's contemporary in style and solid wood construction. It just didn't quite fit me machine.)
Started a pot of bean soup for dinner.
Done some Dodeka paperwork. (Of course, I'm not sure you can call it paperwork when you do it on a website, but "paper work" is the phrase that best describes it.)
In a little while I'll go down stairs and watch Jeopardy and cut out quilt squares for my Boss's Boss's new baby.

All in all, a good day.
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