March 25th, 2006

Ok, I'm looking for a Book

It's a picture book.
It's probably based on a Chinese Folk tale.
It's about a poor Chinese taylor that encounters a Dragon.
It's old. I had a copy when I was a child.
Sound familiar to anybody?

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Taking a Break

Last OVFF I put a Certificate for a Brocade Evening Jacket in the INterfilk auction. I promised to deliver the item at FilkOntario. So I'm sewing today.

Neither the fabric nor my sewing machine is being particularly cooperative. So I'm taking frequent breaks.
I am about to put in the sleeves.
I hate set-in sleeves. Almost as much as buttonholes.

But when it's done, It's gonna' be gorgeous!

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The machine work on the jacket is done.
Given how uncooperative things have been, I'm going to do the hems and facings by hand.
But the sleeves went in much more easily than I had feared.

I'm going down for a cup of tea now.

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