June 10th, 2005

A slow moment

I have a couple of minutes while I wait for Roper to get home from work. We'll finish packing the cars and head out to Duckon. I apologise for my absence the last month or so. I have been either out of town, at work or sick as a dog. Mostly some two out of three.
There was baseball. I got a round of applause from a band of young Sox Fans out side of Wriggly Field by being a staunch but realistic Cub fan.
There was Marcon. Sales stunk and I was too sick to enjoy the music, but it was nice to see folks.
There's work. Upper level management made us take the Clock down from the teller line. Folks shouldn't know how much time they have wasted.. um spent waiting.
There is the house. Americans have too much stuff!
I am still the Phlegm Queen of the upper Mid-west, but the cough has mostly subsided.
As long as nobody is on vacation I am scheduled for 26 hours a week. If one of us is off, I'm up to, say, 35.
We'll see how it goes. There's the garage door opener. Roper's home. We have to go pack sound equipment...

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