March 15th, 2005

A day off at last...

Work has been nuts, lately, with the conversion and being down a Customer Service Rep and all. So, I'm working almost full time hours. Today was my day off. I'm proud of myself. I really got a lot of things done. In no particular order, I did a load of laundry, went to Office Max and copied all the tax forms, went to the PO and mailed said forms (Corporate taxes are due today.) Took Bilbo to the Vet for his check-up and shots,(As soon as I have a free day to take him back he needs his teeth cleaned, and he needs it bad!), took myself to the hairdresser for a cut and color, (GEEZ! The grey is coming in something fierce!), Had a couple of pictures enlarged at Walgreens, (They have this nifty machine that does it digitally in about 5 minutes.), went to Michale's and bought a frame for a print that a very nice artist lady gave me a couple of Capricons ago and has been lying around ever since, uncovered the treadmill and did a few minutes on it, (I have been off it so long I have to ramp up to a useful number of minutes, but it's a start.)ANd now I am looking for the papercutter to crop the enlarged photos and put them in their frames. I also shopped for dinner and started the prep, but Roper doesn't know when work will free him so I'll save the stroganoff makings for tomorrow and meet him somewhere like Barnelli's. But now, I should go downstairs and prepare to tape Scrubs.
And yes, I know, I have seriously abused several rules of grammar, but it is so much more... conversational this way.

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