March 8th, 2005

2006 is going to be some year!

For me, anyway.

It looks like we'll be going to England for 1812 Tones. Since we're giving the Glasgow Worldcon a pass, a trip to support Sutton's invasion sounds like a fine thing.

I'll be back running the dealers' room at Capricon ( next year. Greg has put together an awesome theme and some really cool stuff will be going on.

Roper and I are part of the committee running Dorsai Thing, the organization's very con-like business meeting weekend in March.

Then there is Consonance.( Roper and I have been asked to be guests there. I look at the lists of guests and think "What the hell am I doing there?!?!?" But I am really honored.

Then I get to dig in and chair Capricon 27 in '07.
I'm looking to put my committee together now, so if you find yourself inclined to help run a con, Let me know.

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