March 4th, 2005

Sometimes the Small Things Make it Worthwhile

Work is still being nuts. Yesterday I got in at 9:00 and had people at my desk straight through 'till noon.
I am a little more behind than I was, but I have learned new things. I can now navigate the check-ordering screens despite the fact that they are slow, clunky and less than well designed.
But the little things are still there that made me love my job once upon a time. Art and Barbara, a couple of my Seniors came in to roll over a CD. As we finished up the transaction Art says to me "I saved a joke for you. I love the way you laugh." There are lots of worse things to be remembered as than "the lady at the bank with the nice laugh".

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Battle Cry Meme

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"I'm seriously going to forcibly reverse your gender!!!"

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That is sooooo not me.