February 27th, 2005


I decided that if all I was going to do was complain I wasn't going to post. It has been two weeks now and things are slowly getting better. The good news is that all of the support people we have dealt with have been very helpful and friendly. The bad news is that we haven't gotten authorization to fill the CSR position. So, I'm working full time hours for the time being. BUT I missed GaFilk, Confusion and half of Cap. I am determined not to miss Minicon and FilkOntario.

In the rest of life, we had a really nice weekend. SMac came and visited Friday night. Saturday We went up to Evan and Alyse's for the House concert. Excellent music and excellent conversation occured. Thanks, Guys.
I managed to get a load of laundry done, so Roper and I can go to work in clean clothes. If we do a load a day I can get caught up this week.

So, all in all, It's getting better.

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    Cat, on collarbone, purring.