February 2nd, 2005

That was entertaining... Not!

Something just ate my entry. I typed it up. I went to go spell check and it vanished.
Life is like that. Sigh.

Anyway, to make a long story short.
Roper has gone to England without me. I plan on filling the void by cooking things he doesn't like.
Things like Tuna Caserole and Potato soup. Tonight I fried a pork chop. The thin kind. That Roper likes to refer to as "Pork Chips". I plan on having microwave popcorn for dinner one night. It's sort of a tradition.

Roper has gone to The British Filk Convention. I have to stay home and work.
The bank where I work was bought. We have spent all of January learning abouth the new way to do things. At close of business on 2/11 we will stop being CIB Bank and start being First Bank. (What an amaisingly boring name.) Coincedentally this will happen on the same weekend as Capricon, the local convention of which I am on the comittee. Not going to see much of this con, I'm afraid. Oh, Well.

I apologies for any typs or mis-spellings that apear here. I'm not going to try and spell check this time.

Oh, Lissa, if you read this, please ask Roper to e-mail me with where to find Windows Explorer on this benighted maching. I want to look at the vacation pictures my brother sent.
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