January 28th, 2005

Playing Games

I hope this works. I have never done this before.
I tried the Starship Game.
The results are funny yet strangely appropriate.

Starship Captian! by Uberdude
What is the name of your starship?
Uptight First Officerkatyhh
Closeted Helm/ Navigationtnatj
Token Alien Scientisthuskiebear
Tarty Nymphomaniac Yeomangrey_lensman
Substance Abusing Ship's Doctorkhaosworks
Ensign Smith (aka "the victim")beige_alert
Ship's Engineer /Drunkbillroper
Arch Nemesis Alien Commanderfolkmew
Your ship's secret weaponPhantom Zone Projector
How dose your mission end?You become space pirates
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I just pasted in a bunch of "stuff".
Do I have enough faith that it will turn into the right thing when I post this?
Please forgive me if I posted a bunch of gibberish.