November 16th, 2004

About 82 degrees and calm

Thanks for the warm welcome. I'm still figuring out how this all works.
Forgive me if there are any lapses in etiquette.

Although I didn't think to put it on my list of interests, I really like words. I am fascinated by their textures and shadings and especially their origins.
And names. I love finding out what names mean and where they come from. Now most of us didn't choose our names. We get them from parents and spouses and sometimes press agents. But you all got to choose your User Name.
Some time ago I came across a website that would generate your "Hobbit name". It translated Gretchen Roper into Daisy Knotwise. I had expected something random and silly, but this one rather made sense. One could think of a roper as someone well versed in tying knots, and A daisy is called a Margarette in French. Since Gretchen is a German diminutive of Margaret, that actually followed.

So I'm asking? Why did you choose your User Name? What does it mean to you?