November 15th, 2004

Testing the Waters


My name is Gretchen Harriet Phyllis Duntemann Van Dorn Roper.
I live in Des Plaines, Il with my husband Bill and two cats, Bilbo and Fuzz Bucket.
I am... Well, I long ago decided that I will not define myself by what I do for Money.
So, I'm a lot of things. I am a Banker (what I do for money, but also a state of mind.), a SF Fan, a filker (by Courtesy), a costumer and occasionally an old grump.

My husband, Roper, (yeah, I call my husband by his last name) does the Live Journal thing. Every so often I would make an observation or gripe about something and he would say "You should have a Live Journal."

So, here I am.

Like I said,