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I’m not sure when I will post this, but I’m writing it About 12:30 Monday morning at FilkOntario. The Dead Penguin sing is still going on down stairs, but we have a 10 hour drive tomorrow and I really should get some sleep.
But if I wait to write it ‘till I get home It’ll never get done so here goes.

FkO was an awesome experience for me this year.

In no particular order and by no means a complete list:
Lots of wonderful hugs.
Lots of great conversation. (Steven Joel and Chris Conway on the comfy couch in the lobby for instance)
Lots of wonderful music.
Seeing Judy Miller sign “Too Many Years” as Roper sang it.
Auctioning for Interfilk. (We collected close to $3000.00 Canadian)
Watching Roper and Dave Hayman and the other guys wench.
Watching Franklin Gunkelmann perform.
Hearing Syb sing the “Big Evil Eyeball” song.
The serendipity of a chaos circle in the way that Cat Faber’s Annie’s Luck segued into Shenandoah on violin and harmonica by Peter Allway and Amy.
Meeting David Glasser.
Teaching Comedy Improv techniques to a major SF author.
Hearing a song I co-wrote done in three part harmony just exactly the way I envisioned it
Getting Dulcimer lessons from the Allway brothers.
Dinner with old friends, seldom seen.
Watching proudly as my “son” Steve is inducted into the Filk Hall of Fame.
Oh, yeah, getting inducted myself.

This is pretty life altering for somebody that has spent most her life feeling like a side-kick, an afterthought and a tag-along.

Thank you Guys!

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